Whisky & Cigar Lounge

Whisky & Cigar Lounge

Age Requirement: From 18 Years
Time Range
Number of Persons (Price per Person)
Scheduling for
Sun 25.08.2024, 15:30 - 19:30
1 Day
CHF 125.00
VAT included

Seven Seals x Patoro x Villa Honegg

Let yourself be seduced by the fascination of whiskys and the pleasure of a fine cigar. Enjoy not only the taste, but also the great view of cozy hours among connoisseurs.

An afternoon dedicated entirely to pleasure, where you can indulge your senses with first-class whisky and fine cigars. The hours not only invite you to feast, but also offer a unique opportunity to socialize. Look forward to inspiring speeches and a cozy get-together in a relaxed atmosphere.

CHF 125.00 per person
CHF 12.00 per person (transfer fee, if required)

15.00 Uhr shuttle from Stans train station
15.30 Uhr «eat, smoke, love»
19.30 Uhr shuttle to Stans train station

Save yourself the subsequent journey home by combining the exclusive dinner with a relaxing stay at Villa Honegg.
Benefit from 15% off the room rate.

The number of tickets is limited and the event takes place in any weather.
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