Mushroom Dinner

Mushroom Dinner

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Did you know that the largest living organism in the world is a mushroom? The honey fungus (Armillaria ostoyae) covers an incredible 8.9 square kilometers in the forests of Oregon, USA.
However, tonight we don't want to immerse ourselves in these giants of nature, but in the fine aromas and diverse flavors that mushrooms bring to our cuisine. Let yourself be enchanted by the culinary magic of mushrooms and enjoy a dinner ai funghi!

Tonight, mushrooms are the stars of creative and newly interpreted dishes. Look forward to a cozy evening full of enjoyment, during which we will discover the variety and delicious flavors of mushrooms together.

CHF 145 per person
optional beverage accompaniment at CHF 70

CHF 12 per person (transfer fee, if required)

16.45 Uhr shuttle from Stans train station
17.00 Uhr Aperitif funghi
17.45 Uhr 5-course menu
22.00 Uhr shuttle to stans train station

The mushrooms are picked by our experienced team - all you have to do is simply enjoy.

Save yourself the subsequent journey home by combining the exclusive dinner with a relaxing stay at Villa Honegg.
Benefit from 15% off the room rate.

The number of tickets is limited and the event takes place in any weather.
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